Bioskills Lab - American Sports Medicine Institute

Bioskills Lab

Our goal is to play a part in expanding the knowledge base of sports medicine professionals so that they are able to develop innovative solutions for diagnosing and treating sports-related injuries.

American Sports Medicine Institute is committed to performing extensive research in the sports medicine and orthopaedics field to improve the base of knowledge in treating and preventing injuries related to sports, and our skills lab plays a big part in our ability to execute this valuable research. Focused on arthroscopic training and cadaveric research, the skills lab at ASMI is designed to educate and train healthcare professionals and students and provide realistic learning experiences through cadaveric specimens.

The Musculoskeletal Research and Surgical Skills Lab at ASMI is an invaluable tool for research, education and training — the tangibility and effectiveness of cadaveric research is unparalleled when it comes to learnability.

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