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Clinical Research

Clinical research at ASMI

The clinical research team at ASMI is led by Dr. Matthew Ithurburn, PT, DPT, PhD (director of clinical research) and includes Alex Yates, MS (clinical research coordinator), Cristian Arceo, BS (clinical outcomes research assistant), and a team of research interns and volunteers. At ASMI, we work hand-in-hand with Andrews Sports Medicine and Orthopaedic Center (ASMOC), as well as other collaborators in the United States and around world, to conduct cutting-edge sports medicine research.

The scope of ASMI clinical research includes retrospective outcomes studies using data registries/repositories, functional and clinical onsite longitudinal studies, and surgical and biologic clinical trials. Most of these studies are designed in collaboration with sports medicine physician or rehabilitation specialist partners, and are led and managed by our ASMI clinical research team. Overall, our clinical research team aims to evaluate surgical outcomes, rehabilitation efficacy, as well as injury mechanisms to improve prevention and treatment of sports-related and orthopaedic injuries.

ASMI, partnering with ASMOC, is nationally-recognized for efforts and success in sports medicine surgical and clinical outcomes research. 

Interested in getting involved in clinical research at ASMI?

There are ongoing opportunities to participate in clinical research at ASMI for students and scholars of all levels, and we would love to hear from you. Learn more about our Clinical Research Internship here, and our Medical Student Research Fellowship here.