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Biomechanical Research

Biomechanical research plays a critical role in ASMI’s mission in preventing sports-related injuries and improving current treatments.

In the James Andrews Biomechanics Lab, ASMI uses motion capture technology to identify movements and forces for athletes of various sports and levels. Through individual evaluations and large-scale research projects, ASMI enables athletes, coaches, trainers, and medical professionals improve sports performance and reduce the risk of injury. Furthermore, we continue to be on the forefront of sports biomechanics, developing and assessing emerging technologies such as markerless motion capture.

In the Musculoskeletal Research and Surgical Skills Lab, our biomechanists, surgeons, and fellows investigate clinically relevant questions about bone, tendon, and ligament pathologies, injuries, and surgical interventions. This is typically accomplished through mechanical testing of human cadaver bones, joints, and tissues in their native state, then in an injured state, and finally tested after an open or endoscopic surgical procedure. Results provide valuable insight into cutting-edge treatments in orthopaedic sports medicine. Lab capabilities include biaxial (axial/torsional) servohydraulic mechanical testing, six-degree-of-freedom electromagnetic motion analysis, and digital contact pressure measurement. Interested in learning more about participating in biomechanical research? Click here to learn about our student research internship.