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Primary Care Sports Medicine Fellowship

The American Sports Medicine Institute in collaboration with Andrews Sports Medicine and Orthopaedic Center and St. Vincent’s East Family Medicine Residency Program offers a Primary Care Sports Medicine Fellowship to develop non-operative orthopaedic physicians with expertise in the total care of patients of all ages and of every level of proficiency who sustain or develop activity-related, musculoskeletal injuries and conditions.

The growing number of both young and old who engage in sports, wellness programs, and repetitive motion make up a population with significant medical needs that deserves the services of physicians armed with a clear perception of the current treatment philosophies, the anatomical mechanics and techniques, the materials and apparatus utilized and the proper rehabilitation rationales.

For an application to the Primary Care Sports Medicine Fellowship, please click here.


The fundamental purpose of the Primary Care Sports Medicine Fellowship at the American Sports Medicine Institute is to provide an opportunity for the generalist or non-orthopaedic surgeon to obtain in-depth, advanced training in the prevention, primary care, and total rehabilitation of individuals with musculoskeletal, activity-related problems.

Application of the knowledge gained will enable the practitioner to skillfully deliver current, pertinent, authoritative, and qualified management to their patients in a timely fashion.

A secondary purpose of the Primary Care Sports Medicine Fellowship is to produce physicians capable and willing to teach other physicians, as well as allied health professionals, trainers, coaches, athletes, and parents, the fundamentals of injury prevention, treatment, and rehabilitation through personal instruction and the proper utilization of instructional materials and methods.

Thirdly, the purpose of the Primary Care Sports Medicine Fellowship is to develop in the physician an appreciation of the role biomechanical research plays in this specialty by participation in the formulation and production of a prospective study utilizing camera, video, and computer-generated techniques.


Clinical Experience

  1. Hands-on experience in a clinic setting to develop acumen in history taking, physical examination, and evaluation of new and returning patients under the supervision of expert orthopaedic and general staff personnel.
  2. Coordination of patient’s needs and rehabilitation efforts.
  3. Selective attendance at surgery with opportunity to scrub.
  4. Perform pre-participation physical examinations for high school and college athletes.
  5. Serve as a Team Physician for a high school football team and attend practices and games.
  6. Participate in monthly Journal Club.
  7. Determine total patient needs and counsel in the fields of psychology, nutrition, and alcohol, drug, and tobacco abstinence.
  8. Communicate sports medicine information to healthcare professionals.
  9. Accompany orthopaedic and medical staff to seminars and professional meetings.
  10. Continued development of primary specialty to include Board Certification if not so certified.


  1. Attend selective clinical experimental data gathering sessions.
  2. Become proficient in biomedical data collection and presentation.
  3. Learn the mechanics of a proper clinical database.
  4. Produce a prospective study segment.
  5. Obtain knowledge of motion studies with computer-assisted equipment.
  6. Perform a significant literature search and deliver a summation at Weekly Fellows Conference.
  7. Produce and assist in publishing research documents.
  8. Assist in cadaver studies.

Applying to the Program

The program participates in the NRMP Match for the application, interview and selection process. All applicants must have passed Step Three of the USMLE, be Board-eligible, qualify for an Alabama medical license and have graduated from an ACGME or COA accredited residency program in the United States or Canada. Unfortunately, we cannot accept applications from Foreign Medical Graduates.

For more information about the Primary Care Sports Medicine Fellowship, please contact Glenn Dortch

For an application to the Primary Care Sports Medicine Fellowship, please click here.

Please visit the American Medical Society for Sports Medicine (AMSSM) for more information.