Example limits for number of pitches thrown in games

Age2006 USA Baseball Guidelines2010 Little League Baseball Regulations
Daily Limits
Weekly Limits
15-18N/A31-45 pitches = 1 day rest
46-60 pitches = 2 days rest
61-75 pitches = 3 days rest
76+    pitches = 4 days rest
13-14125/week; 1000/season; 3000/year21-35 pitches = 1 day rest
36-50 pitches = 2 days rest
51-65 pitches = 3 days rest
66+    pitches = 4 days rest
11-12100/week; 1000/season; 3000/year
9-1075/week; 1000/season; 2000/year

For high school pitch count rules by state, click here.

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