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Courses & Conferences

ASMI offers a variety of educational opportunities to professionals in the field of sports medicine as well as students who aspire to become the sports medicine professionals of the future.

Weekly Sports Medicine Conference

Our weekly Sports Medicine Conference series is conducted in support of the doctors in our Fellowship training programs, but is open to anyone interested in learning more about Sports Medicine injuries and prevention.

It covers a multitude of topics including basic science, biomechanics, medical issues, conservative and surgical treatment of sports medicine injuries, the rehabilitation process, as well as a number of practical topics related to young doctors preparing to embark on their career in medicine.

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Injuries in Baseball Course

The Injuries in Baseball course was initiated in 1983 by the United States Olympic Committee (USOC). The first three programs were Co-Chaired by Dr. Chuck Dillman and Dr. James R. Andrews. After three years, the USOC sought other medical programs, but Dr. Andrews felt the course was too good to be terminated and he has conducted the course through ASMI ever since.

The purpose of the course is to exchange information regarding all aspects of baseball healthcare including mechanisms of injury, conservative and surgical treatment of injuries, rehabilitation, conditioning, nutrition, and medical aspects of baseball. Designed to attract all members of the baseball healthcare team, the course is attended by physicians, athletic trainers, physical therapists, coaches, scientists, and others to address injuries commonly seen in baseball players.

In recent years, the course has also focused on prevention of overuse injuries – especially in young players. It has traditionally drawn from all levels of the game with representation from youth, high school, college, university, and professional organizations. The course is conducted in late January at locations around the nation.

Injuries in Baseball Course