Clinical Research Internship - American Sports Medicine Institute

Clinical Research Internship

Andrews Sports Medicine and American Sports Medicine Institute Research Internship


  • Full-year (Summer 2024 – Summer 2025) clinical research internship focusing on sports medicine outcomes research and clinical trials (sub-focus in shoulder, elbow, hip, and knee surgical outcomes; rehabilitation and physical activity outcomes)
  • Opportunities for observation in motion capture research, cadaveric and tissue biomechanics research, and surgical technique training
  • Contribute to clinically-impactful research generated from a high-volume, sports medicine orthopaedic practice

Responsibilities and Role

With oversight from the American Sports Medicine Institute (ASMI) clinical research team and the attendings at Andrews Sports Medicine and Orthopaedic Center (ASMOC):

  • Maintain high-fidelity study datasets and perform electronic health record reviews to collect demographic, surgical, and other relevant clinical data for various studies
  • Operate within and update a web-based surgical outcomes data repository
  • Collect outcomes data from patients/study participants via phone calls, email, and data repositories
  • For newly-conceptualized studies, assist in developing protocols for Institutional Review board (IRB) approval
  • For prospective studies and clinical trials, assist in screening and onsite data collection
  • Produce graphs, tables, figures, and images as needed for presentation or publication
  • Contribute to manuscripts to be submitted for peer-reviewed publication


  • Have a basic understanding of sports medicine and orthopedics regarding anatomy and treatment options
  • Work as an effective team-member, maintaining clear and consistent communication regarding project needs in order to maximize efficiency and productivity
  • Proactively and intuitively solve problems
  • Attention to detail and timely and accurate data collection and contributions to studies
  • Maintain patient/participant privacy and professionalism at all times
  • Potential for work-hours to coincide with clinic and operating room hours (i.e., early start times)


  • Contribute to studies from start to finish in a cutting-edge sports medicine practice
  • Exposure to a high-volume of orthopaedic surgeries, studies, patients, imaging, clinical exams, biomechanics, and more
  • Potential to bolster CV for medical school or other health professions programs with research experience and publications/abstracts
  • Potential for letters of recommendation for medical school or other health professions programs
  • Potential for interaction with and advice from medical student research fellow, medical students, and ASMI orthopaedic surgery/primary care sports medicine fellows
  • Stipend will be provided to support year-long commitment

The application deadline for 2024-2025 has passed. We will begin accepting applications for the 2025-2026 cohort in early 2025. Thank you.

For questions please contact ASMI Director of Clinical Research, Matt Ithurburn, DPT, PhD at