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Community Service

ASMI has been involved in community service efforts to greater Birmingham and Alabama regionally since 1987. ASMI decided early on to do these efforts quietly to advance the practices of our attending physicians. Most of ASMI’s current community service projects are common back to 1987. They are tested and worthy efforts.

  1. Pre-participation Physicals- The Alabama High School Athletic Association (AHSAA) requires an annual pre-participation physical for each athlete that will be involved in the middle and high school programs of AHSAA member schools. ASMI sponsored the first physical event in the Spring of 1987. Every year since 1987, ASMI has been involved in these events. The number of physicals performed annually has been from 15,000 to 25,000. The current collaborative that sponsors these events are ASMI, ATI Rehab, Andrews Sports Medicine and Ascension/St Vincent’s Hospital in Birmingham’s Southside. Currently, the physicals are provided at multiple locations in the late Spring. One of the key aspects of these events since 1987 are that anywhere from 30 to 50% of all the physicals are provided for kids that otherwise could not afford a physical to participate in their school’s athletic program. 
  2. Sports Medicine Supplies- Annually about half of the middle school and high school programs that Andrews Sports Medicine and ATI cover each year struggle to provide for the amount of sports medicine supplies needed to support the girls and boys programs at these schools. ASMI in the Fall of 1987 started a tradition of providing basic sports medicine supplies to these “At Risk” programs. These sports medicine supply gifts have been funded since 1987 by designated gifts. The annual amount of supplies given to these schools comes to about $10,000 annually. 
  3. Girls Sports Medicine Services- Participation by girls in their school’s athlete program has grown steadily since 1987. However, as a product of the lack of funding at the school level most of these schools are not able to provide equal sports medicine service support for the girls sports. ASMI is attempting to find a donor or donors to address this circumstance. This is a new community service program for ASMI dependent on new funding.  

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