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ASMI's 40th Annual Injuries in Baseball Course

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Course Objectives:

  • Integrate shoulder anatomy with biomechanics, examination, treatment and rehabilitation of the unstable shoulder
  • Apply current advances in treatment and rehabilitation to injuries of the throwing shoulder
  • Review current advances in the rehabilitation of injuries to the throwing shoulder
  • Recognize and report current trends associated with training procedures in baseball
  • Examine current concepts relating to the anatomy, biomechanics, examination and treatment of the elbow
  • Review the treatment and rehabilitation of injuries to the elbow
  • Discuss the importance of rehabilitation and conditioning techniques for today’s athlete
  • Discuss the practical aspects of developing a healthy pitcher
  • Apply recent advances in primary care sports medicine to on-the-field injuries
  • Examine current concepts in prevention and treatment to injuries in youth baseball
  • Identify and report current concepts in the treatment and rehabilitation of injuries to the foot and ankle



The 2014 National Electronic Injury Surveillance System reported 130,376 emergency room visits due to baseball related shoulder, elbow, trunk, lower arm, head, neck, ankle and facial injuries. When we consider non-emergency room injuries from all age groups and skill levels, we conclude there is a major need to teach diagnosis, treatment and management of these injuries.

Course Description

This three-day course is for athletic trainers, biomechanists, physical therapists, sports physicians, orthopaedic surgeons, physiologists, strength and conditioning coaches, certified personal trainers and others who work with athletes in baseball.