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Orthopaedic Sports Medicine Fellowship Goals:

  • To provide a wide range of inpatient and outpatient clinical experience in orthopaedic sports medicine during a year-long practical and didactic fellowship.
  • To increase knowledge and improve medical judgment, surgical skills, and total management of patients with sports medicine problems.
  • To instruct and supervise Fellows in following patients from initial encounter and diagnosis through rehabilitation.
  • To assign Fellows to work with and develop a trusting relationship and inspire confidence with specific athletic teams on the field and in the training room.
  • To participate in ongoing programs such as pre-participation physicals and rehabilitation for high school, college, and professional teams.
  • To develop an appreciation for the role of biomechanics and expertise in biomechanical research in sports medicine.
  • To instill the desire to know the latest techniques and studies in the field.
  • To develop the discipline and skills necessary to conduct credible research.
  • To produce capable physicians willing to teach others by sharing their knowledge and expertise.

There are two separate and independent Orthopaedic Sports Medicine Fellowship programs sponsored and administered by ASMI: the ASMI at St. Vincent's program and the ASMI at Trinity program. At. St. Vincent's, the Fellows rotate through the services of Dr. James Andrews, Dr. Lyle Cain, Dr. Jeff Dugas, Dr. Benton Emblom and Dr. David Adkison to gain maximum exposure to different philosophies and procedures.

At Trinity, the Fellows spend the majority of their time training under the supervision of Dr. Larry Lemak.

All educational and research activities and resources for both programs are provided by ASMI.

The basic educational method of the Fellowship programs involves the Fellows and faculty working side-by-side in all aspects of patient care. The Fellows spend 80 percent of their time in direct patient care in the clinic, operating rooms, rehabilitation, and follow-up. As surgical first assistants, the Fellows are integral participants in the pre-operative counseling and instruction of the injured athlete and in provision of surgical care.

Fellows conduct research under the supervision of Glenn Fleisig, Ph.D. and the ASMI Research staff and are required to complete at least one basic science or clinical research project and prepare a publishable manuscript in order to successfully complete the program.

Fellows are assigned one college and high school each, where they care for athletic teams on a regular basis. They also participate in pre-participation physicals for high school, college and professional athletes.

Weekly Sports Medicine Conferences are conducted for the Fellows, as well as a monthly Journal Club. Fellows are required to attend and actively participate in these educational meetings. Periodically, ASMI invites national and internationally known surgeons to visit and provide Distinguished Lectures, exposing the Fellows to an even wider range of treatment philosophies. Funding is also provided for the fellows to attend the major (AAOS and AOSSM) orthopaedic meetings each year.

Extensive time is spent learning and using the latest protocols for rehabilitation of sports medicine injuries. The staff of Champion Sports Medicine, including renowned physical therapist Kevin Wilk, DPT are integral parts of this experience. Post-operative re-checks are typically conducted in the physical therapy center so that the patient, physical therapist and physician see the patient as a team so that the patient's progress is closely monitored and the rehabilitation protocol is adjusted based on the patient's progress.

Both programs participate in the AANA/AOSSM Sports Medicine Match administered by the SF Match for the application, interview, and selection process. All applicants must be Board-eligible, qualify for an Alabama medical license and have graduated from an ACGME or COA accredited orthopaedic residency program in the United States or Canada. Unfortunately, we cannot accept applications from Foreign Medical Graduates. If you are a foreign physician and are interested in an observational visit, please click here.

For more information about the ASMI at St. Vincent's program, please contact Jan Flurry at(205) 918-2146 (phone) or (205) 918-0800 (fax).

For more information about the ASMI at Trinity program, please contact Lesa Rayford at 205-397-5209 (phone) or 205-397-5210 (fax).

Click here for the application process.