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"Annual giving is the custom of making a gift-a-year to an institution in which one has faith. It is a friendly, altogether happy custom . . . a perennial reunion in spirit . . . a pooling of hope and good wishes by those who wish the institution well."
- Benjamin Franklin

Areas of Support

ASMI Annual Injuries in Baseball Course

This annual three-day course is designed to acquaint athletic trainers, biomechanists, coaches, sports physicians, orthopaedic surgeons, physiologists, therapists, and any others who work with athletes in baseball, with the current concepts of assessment, treatment and functional rehabilitation of the medical and musculoskeletal problems in the baseball player. This is accomplished through the use of live surgical demonstrations, didactic sessions utilizing slides and videotapes, live demonstrations and live video demonstrations.

It is intended that at the conclusion of this course, participants should be able to explain the importance of injury prevention, recognize injuries specific to the baseball player, demonstrate knowledge of proper treatments, report importance of general nutrition and conditioning for the baseball player, demonstrate knowledge of proper rehabilitation techniques, relate the role of biomechanics in the prevention, treatment and rehabilitation of the baseball player, and develop knowledge of up-to-date surgical procedures.

Library Fund

The main goal of the ASMI Sports Medicine Library is to become the orthopaedic and sports medicine information resource of the Southeast. The library offers a valuable resource to orthopaedics and sports medicine researchers as well as the community by providing access to medical, nursing and allied health text, journals, and related databases.

Bundrick Distinguished Lecture Series

The Distinguished Lecture Series (DLS) named in honor of Dr.William S. Bundrick of Shreveport, LA who has endowed the series, has been an integral part of the ASMI education program since its establishment. It offers local and regional health care professionals the opportunity to hear leading clinicians and surgeons present lectures pertaining to their specific specialty in orthopaedics and sports medicine.

Fund for Excellence

The Fund for Excellence enables the ASMI team to enhance existing quality programs and to fund creative initiatives that bring the expertise of education and research programs. This fund supports ongoing projects in ASMI's Research Division, Education Division, Outreach Programs, Courses, and Audio Visual Department.

For additional information, contact Susan McWhorter.